Partition 2 does not start on physical sector boundary

Here is the lowdown, fdisk does not assume you have advanced format probably if your disk has a logical of 512 and a physical of 4K.

So it will likely print

Partition x does not start on physical sector boundary

fdisk is wrong, your partition may or may not be aligned

In reality, just by running fdisk with the new alignment should tell you if it is really miss aligned, or fdisk is miscalculating


fdisk -b 4096 -u /dev/sda

Now try and print, if you still see that message, then it is miss aligned, otherwise you are fine

Showing disks attached on a linux computer

The application that will probably be available on every system would be fdisk, so i will start with that

fdisk -l

But that is not my favorite, the one i use (Because i have disks of same size so i need more information) is

lshw -class disk

But i still need to know the partitions so fdisk -l will be necessary with that too

There is a third option,

hwinfo --disk

And, because sometimes i want to see parititons too


Will do the trick

flogging a dead kindle (BACK TO LIFE !)

Kindle Keyboard
Kindle Keyboard working again

My kindle was displaying a message saying

Battery Empty

Connect your kindle to a power source and charge it until this screen disappears. This may take up to 30 Minutes

If you continue to see this screen after charging, you will need to reset your Kindle. Unplug it from the power source, then slide and hold the power switch for 15 seconds.

In short, both did not work, Once plugged into a charger, The orange light will come up for a few seconds, then it will disappear, my charger LED will also turn off meaning no power is being drawn, resetting did not resolve it either as it seems there is absolutely no power in the battery, considering that i have left it for months without use or charging.

So, the solution seemed to be heating it up a bit against an electric fan heater (Few seconds, don’t make the kindle hot), then plugging it into a charger kept the orange light on, the orange light flickered for a few seconds after plugging it in (Obviously not a “by deign” kind of flickering).

Also worth mentioning that one of the chargers works better than the other, after the heating, one of the chargers (Larger capacity) seems to hold the orange charging light steady, while the smaller one seems to fail within a few seconds of plugging it in (orange light goes out)

Now, it seems to be charging, the battery empty page refreshed, but still gave a battery empty page, then a few seconds later, what do you know, that battery empty screen disappeared and the kindle initiated a boot sequence (The normal screen that appears when you start the kindle with a progress bar) (If this does not happen after 30 minutes of orange light lit up, You might want to consider resetting it like the kindle says).

This is one of the very old kindles, It dates back to many years ago. In the footer of the menu, it says kindle 3.3, on the back it says (Kindle model number D00901), But i am not really planning to invest time finding out what this kindle is called, it is the one with the keyboard

Source of the problem, a theory, Lithium batteries have a cutoff charge, meaning, devices leave some power in a battery (And consider it empty, switching themselves off before a complete drain) because if the voltage goes below that threshold, it can be dangerous to recharge.

Heating probably registered some voltage on the battery convincing the kindle to charge it.

The 3-4 seconds of mild flickering is still a mystery though.

Final note: Once the kindle booted, both chargers seemed to work just fine.

DBMAIL commands

First thing first, using the manual, your commands will go in dry run mode, no hints are given on why needed changes are counted but not executed, this is because you have to rn the command with the y switch to do the changes, here are a few ones you will use often

dbmail-util -dy – set delete status on deleted mail (deleted by IMAP or POP)
dbmail-util -py – delete messages with delete status

dbmail-util -by – rebuild the caches

Without the Y, no changes will be made to the database