Stopping backscatter from postfix bounce

This is a quick one because i know you have no time to look into how mail servers work in extreme detail, so here it is.
This is a fast resolution to your backscatter problem, yet, after this resolution, it might take the spammer some time to realize that your server is no longer including the original message in the responce.

postconf -e 'bounce_size_limit = 1'

What this does is that it makes your message bounce with the headers but not the body of the message, which makes the spammer who is targeting your server loose interest *(because she can not make use of the bounced message if the body is missing)

right after you need to

/etc/init.d/postfix reload
/etc/init.d/postfix restart

Your choice 🙂

And this is the fastest solution, this is because any other solution will require you to investigate the whole setup, while this solution is a simple solution that is still effective.

Configuring firefox display mixed content

Well, not long after chrome started blocking active content from non https locations when pages were in https, firefox is doing the same with the new version.

The answer is simple and very intuitive (found it in 10 seconds), and i am not sure why no one has blogged about it yet.

1- In the address bar, visit about:config (Yes, just type this in the firefox URL address bar)
2- in the search, look for the word active, you will see a few parameters with the word active
3- find the one that reads (security.mixed_content.block_active_content) and double click the word TRUE that is in front of it so that it becomes false.
4- Close the config page

Now firefox would not mind active content

Always keep in mind that firefox did not do this for nothing, and that there is a security issue with mixed active content, in an ideal world, website makers would resolve the issue, and would make wise judgment on when it is ok to stream mixed content, and when cookies should only work in SSL (Part of cookie functionality), but since we don’t live in that world, Firefox has decided to deal with it from the browser side.

Linux PIPE, BZIP2 in parallel, multiple threads

I am getting old, my brain aint all that bright no more, for example i am so used to using

mysqldump –opt -u root –password=”LaooIa12@Hsu” mytodolist | gzip > mytodolist.bin.gz

So to compress the database while dumping it without having it hit the disk first in what is called piping.

the problem is that i didn’t think of checking whether pbzip2 supports this so that i can use all 6 CPU cores (12 vCPUs)

So, turns out that pbzip2 (parallel BZIP) does work

mysqldump –opt -u root –password=”LaooIa12@Hsu” mytodolist | pbzip2 -vc > mytodolist.bin.bz2

Now, i can get it done much much faster, 6-12 times faster